This is an initiative to launch a sustainable platform for media ethnographers of Turkey where they can delve into theoretical issues, methodological discussions, and field experiences that are specific to the Turkish context. As a dynamic and complex cultural field, the Turkish context makes it a challenging task for media ethnographers to define their researcher identity and to designate their theoretical approach. The current media environment marked by censorship, political pressure, and deepening polarization further complicates the picture for ethnographers of Turkish media and renders it difficult for them to find safe entry points for participant observation. With these issues in mind, Suncem, Burak, and Ozan got together in 2016 and imagined a platform for media ethnographers of Turkey to share with each other, learn from one another, and yield research ideas together. This website is an outcome of those contemplations.

Events & Workshops

Workshop: Anthropology of Media in Turkey: Theory, Methodology, and the Future Orientations

Taking place in Kadir Has University in September 8-10, this workshop is a critical step to launch a platform for media ethnographers of Turkey. Generously funded by the Wenner Gren Foundation, the workshop brings a select group of media ethnographers working in Turkey in order to develop channels of conversation to define, refine, and expand the tools of anthropological knowledge on media. Click for detailed information.